The information technology (IT) landscape is vast and ever-changing. New trends, techniques, and technologies continuously transform this field, offering innovative improvements over old inventions. Companies which are unable or unwilling to adjust to updated expectations risk falling behind their competition. Fortunately, managed IT service providers can help bridge the gap between past and future, allowing executives to focus on establishing the essential elements of their businesses. By outsourcing IT solutions to the experts, companies can leverage years of industry experience to reduce costs, improve security and communication, all while scaling efficiently. The following are the top five reasons why businesses should choose a managed service provider (MSP) to handle their IT needs.

1. Efficient Scaling

With rapid growth affecting various industries, scalability continues to be a high priority for many organizations. One major benefit of managed services is the flexibility to decide exactly what kind of support will be most efficient for your team. Employees’ time is limited and valuable, and MSPs can help free up resources that may have been used ineffectively, granting teams the ability to concentrate on what they do best. Whether you require a fully outsourced IT department or simply an added layer of cybersecurity, the right MSP will offer a wide range of options depending on your exact needs. This will enable you to supplement precise skillsets affordably while enhancing adaptability in the short- and long-term.

2. Industry Experience

IT education and certification takes a great deal of time and effort to maintain. However, partnering with a managed service provider gives companies immediate access to top-notch training and technical systems, eliminating the need to onboard their own IT departments. Implementing and managing the newest technologies on the market becomes quick and easy with the right MSP, as you’ll benefit from many years of experience without having to learn from the same mistakes. Additionally, they can provide coaching on general cybersecurity best practices, ensuring your team knows what to avoid in order to protect themselves and their customers from an expanding threat landscape.

3. Cost Reduction

Staffing, training, and maintaining an in-house technical team is incredibly costly. Managed service providers essentially function as your dedicated IT department, reducing the amount of time and money spend on this aspect of your business. Efficiency and experience also go a long way in minimizing overhead, given less instances of system repairs, replacement, licensing, and consulting. Furthermore, the best MSPs offer predictable flat-rate fees despite the number of services rendered, and they won’t charge extra for support after-hours or on holidays. Service-level agreements (SLAs) are also standard operating procedure in this respect, giving you and your clients peace of mind when it comes to project deadlines and uptime reliability.

4. Improved Security

Doing business always involves a certain degree of risk, regardless of country or industry. That said, businesses involved in healthcare and financial sectors are obligated to meet strict conditions when it comes to their clients’ data. These requirements exist to protect all parties, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re simple or straightforward. Thankfully, managed service providers are well-versed with applicable laws and standards such as PCI, SOX, FERPA, and HIPAA, which require high degrees of privacy for sensitive and personally identifiable information. Moreover, MSPs will work to guarantee firewalls are up-to-date, passwords are strong, networks are secure, and administrator privilege is tightly controlled to avoid data breaches and compromised user credentials.

5. Decreased Downtime

In today’s interconnected digital environment, coworkers and customers have little patience for downtime. Reliably responsive 24/7 support is essential to guarantee services and productivity, which is where expert MSPs excel. Managing and monitoring key IT systems is their specialty, and they seek to anticipate potential issues before they escalate to major problems. Choose the right managed service provider and you’ll benefit from rapid responses and frictionless feedback from proactive professionals with your business’s best interests in mind.

Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies is rarely easy. Best practices seem to change month-to-month, which can make the implementation of successful strategies next to impossible without a fully trained IT department. Managed services providers are an efficient and affordable alternative for those who wish to remain secure, scalable, and cost-effective in the 21st century. If you’re interested in managed services or have questions about general cybersecurity concerns, we encourage you to contact us for more information.